Non-Human Entities and The Collins Elite - Troubled Minds Radio
Sun Jul 21, 2024

Non-Human Entities and The Collins Elite

A super-secret organization with ties to the highest levels of government believes that all alien entities are demonic in nature. This rabbit hole goes super deep… Support The Show!

#aliens #conspiracy #paranormal

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UFOlogy, the Occult and the Collins Elite (military research group that allegedly found a link between UFO’s ad demonic forces).
byu/irrelevantappelation inHighStrangeness


The Secret UFO Agency Called The Collins Elite

The “Collins Elite” Group – Is this the unofficial grouping of senior US military/intelligence officials who believe the Phenomenon to Be Demonic?
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Review of Nick Redfern’s Final Events

Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard Opened Up A Portal To The Demonic Realm That’s Completely Taken Over