Fri Mar 31, 2023

Neural Link Technology, Asteroid Near Miss, Jeffrey Epstein and Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Frank and Mike delve into Elon Musk’s neuralink project and the usefulness and/or dangerous details about it. Is this the future of humanity or something the Nazis pioneered a century ago that DARPA has been using for decades? Bring your tinfoil hats for this one!

Additionally, there was a meteor that just barely missed us. Did you hear about it? Neither did most. Thank your mainstream media for nothing and the for reporting a meteor strike daily. The little meteor that cried wolf?

This one takes a dark turn with John McAfee, as he is accused of sending up drones to get footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. McAfee wasn’t involved, as he’s now in jail 😅, but the footage looks very real and very creepy. This bit leads to satanic ritual abuse, alien reptilians, and abusing children for Adrenochrome in their blood. 😡