Mysteries of The Giza Plateau - Troubled Minds Radio
Fri Jun 14, 2024

Mysteries of The Giza Plateau

The great pyramid is just one many amazing landmarks found on the Giza Plateau. The list is extensive; the Sphynx, the two lesser pyramids, hidden chambers, secret tunnels, and recently discovered hidden cavities. Join Mike and Frank on this episode of Troubled Minds Radio as we explore some of the lesser known features of the Giza plateau and speculate on their alien or otherworldly origins. As well, we talk about corruption. It’s been said that real understand of the Giza plateau has been held back by the coverups of a man named Zahi Hawass, the foremost Egyptologist and a former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs.

We cover the bizarre; a man with a remote-controlled vehicle and camera attachment, who travelled to Egypt, snuck the RC car into the tunnels of the great pyramid during the dead of night, piloted it to a secret chamber, and obtained video of some kind of mysterious figure and performing a ritual. Some of the footage was released to the internet – the rest was used to attempt blackmail of the Egyptian government for millions of dollars. We also cover the mundane; new scientific data suggesting that undiscovered hollow cavities exist inside the great pyramid. They were detected using muons – an unstable subatomic particle of the same class as an electron that make up much of the cosmic radiation reaching the earth’s surface. The Egyptian government disputes these findings… we wonder why.

Finally, we look at the hidden chambers and tunnels outside of the great pyramid. There’s videos and pictures of hidden chambers under and inside of the Sphynx and historical recordings of a large chamber under the Sphynx’s left paw. Yet archaeologists refuse to investigate these openings. Or they have, but they’ve kept the details secret. As well, tunnels, bored through solid rock, criss cross the entire plateau. A human sized ant colony, long dead. Escape hatches, forgotten tombs, and mysterious chambers. We know they’re there, but details are sparse. Why? Why such a lack of detail, why no modern studies? Probably because these investigations would reveal that the Egyptians had nothing to do with the construction of these wonders, that they were built much further into the past than what mainstream academics would tell you.

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