Marines on Mars? - Troubled Minds Radio
Tue Apr 23, 2024

Marines on Mars?

Join Mike and Frank on this episode of Troubled Minds Radio as we recap the story of Randy Kramer, also known as Captain K – a marine recruited into the secret space program and sent to Mars to fight and protect our interests there. This is a wild ride. A story full of incredible details; aliens, advanced technology, time travel, mind control, and so much more. This is a recap style of episode where we splice out details pertinent to the story and align them together in a chronological fashion. Sometimes it hard to listen to hours upon hours of interviews to get all the details; here, we do that work for you.

The show is available here at your fingertips in what we call ‘light video format’ (accompanying photos and videos) on YouTube and in audio/podcast format on Soundcloud! Don’t forget to like and share to help spread the word. If you’ve fought on Mars or in deep space, and are listening to the show in the lonely distances between worlds, please use your space communicators and get in touch. Leave a comment or send in a message to and let us know what you think!