Illuminati(s) Confirmed? - Troubled Minds Radio
Sun May 19, 2024

Illuminati(s) Confirmed?

Everyone knows about the Illuminati. The pyramid and the ‘all-seeing eye’ on the back of the U.S. dollar bill; the co-opting of governments and banks, the manipulation of stock markets and energy prices; a secret, shadowy organization vying for government control. This evil organization is said to have had part of many violent events; the French Revolution, the assassination of JFK, and the Sept. 11 tragedy to name a few. But really, the Illuminati did none of these things. In this episode of Troubled Minds Radio, Mike and Frank take a look at the real history of the Illuminati and other secret societies to see what they were really about.

The real Illuminati were founded thusly: In 1776, Bavarian university professor Adam Weishaupt founded a club called the Order of Perfectibilists, aka the Illuminati. There were only a few hundred members at the height of the organization. They spent their time debating and discussing the current ruling class, religious influence in politics, and tried to think about and understand better means of living, working, and ruling. It was an attempt to illuminate their thinking and develop a better world.

The ruling class of the time, however, couldn’t abide by sedition in secret. In 1785, Charles Theodore and his government banned all secret societies – including the Illuminati. The ruling members of the Illuminati fled, their documents were seized and published, and the organization died. But the rumors persisted. The legend grew. The stories changed. And now very few understand what the Illuminati was really about.

In reality, it’s probable that the demonization of the Illuminati, the attribution of negative ideas and actions towards them, are a somewhat transparent attempt by governments to make secret societies, that exist outside of their control, less attractive, less popular, and less able to recruit members. All in the name of retaining their own power. Propaganda in the modern age.

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