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Fri Jun 14, 2024

D.U.M.B.s – Deep Underground Military Bases

Underground military bases are real. All across the country, shelters have been dug into mountains to protect the government during times of chaos, nuclear war, or natural disaster. They contain all the elements needed to survive a prolonged cataclysm; living quarters, air and water processing facilities, communication hubs, training grounds, and even restaurants. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a well known example of one of these bases. Some of these bunkers are less publicized or even kept secret, however, and more and more are being built every day.

Deep underground military bases, on the other hand, are bases built by governments – or aliens – that exist far beneath the surface of the earth. Their purpose is shrouded in mystery. Across the years, stories have leaked out about locations of these bases and the types of things going on inside them. On this episode, Frank and Mike discuss deep underground bases and try to wrap their heads around the subject.

First, we discuss the feasibility of creating underground bases. We look at tunneling machines used to bore through mountains and discuss the huge and unexplored network of cave systems that can be found around the world. We also discuss some probably locations for underground bases, including Dulce in New Mexico and the Denver International Airport. These sites seem to have strange occurrences surrounding them, including lights in the sky and animal mutilations, as well as bizarre occult imagery that can be found nearby.

Then, we get into the meat of the story: Phil Schneider and his work for the government. Phil was a US government geologist, engineer, and later, whistleblower. After the death of his father, he decided to talk about some of the things he had seen during his time working for the government. He started a lecture tour, talking to the public about the lies of our government, deep underground bases, UFOs, aliens, firefights with reptilians, and the extraterrestrial agenda. His tour was cut short when he mysteriously passed away. His death was ruled a suicide, but many people, including his ex-wife, seem to think he was murdered.

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