Fri Mar 31, 2023

Life On Mars? Confirmed! What If Martians Are Hostile…War Of The Worlds? Part 1

This year alone, the ‘life on Mars’ evidence is mounting to the point where it is becoming difficult to deny the obvious — there is currently life on the Red Planet. With all the older claims of organics in the soil, more water than we thought, frozen icecaps, and now both methane and oxygen fluctuating seasonally it seems that only academia and NASA are hesitant to call it what it is. This frustrating denial of the obvious is one distinct example of how/why conspiracy theories are born. What are they hiding? Why so cautious with the data? What will it take for the mainstream to accept the evidence and begin asking WHAT TYPE of life is thriving on Mars?

As a fun aside to the life on Mars (not?)news, we also take a look back to the 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds. Rumor has it that the radio drama was so convincing it caused mass hysteria and even possible suicides among the American populace. Is there any truth to this claim or is it an early example of fake news? Come join us for the fun, and don’t worry, for the time being no Martians are coming to invade. Or are they?


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