Open Source Humanity? - Troubled Minds Radio
Sun Jul 21, 2024

Open Source Humanity?

In the modern day, everything around you is listening, watching, sensing, recording, and analyzing every detail of your life. It’s the miracle, or the curse, of advancing technology. With increasing technological progress there is an increasing need for this information, and a corresponding decrease in your rights to privacy and freedom. Join Mike and Frank as we discuss the surveillance state, and the advantages and disadvantages of these programs, on this episode of Troubled Minds Radio.

Is the surveillance state real, though? Are we really being observed and monitored at all times? The answer is yes. Let’s take, for example, a trip to your local mall. You pick up your phone and step out the door – it’s tracking you. You get in your car – it knows where you are through GPS. You drive to the mall – CCTV is tracking your every movement. You pay for parking – your bank has your location. You walk into a store – a camera takes your picture, runs you through a facial recognition service, and serves you advertisements based on your identity. You pay for a purchase and talk to the cashier – your voice is recorded and analyzed. The best part: If your employer has mandated that you be microchipped in order to continue working at your job – yes this really is happening – you are tracked continuously during the trip there and back.

It must be easy though, to avoid these technologies. Preserve your privacy by wearing a mask to avoid facial recognition, wearing gloves to avoid fingerprint analysis, and ditching your phone to avoid being tracked. Not so. Even something as simple as the way you walk, your gait, can be used to identify you. Gait analysis is being employed all around the globe to track down criminals and malcontents, identifying us by the particular way that we walk.

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