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Sun Jul 21, 2024

Crop Circles; Still Relevant in 2018?

Crop circles were very popular… 20 years ago. They are flattened areas of crop, usually made in geometric shapes, that seemingly appear overnight. In the past they were discovered on a weekly basis, the news media went to every formation, and people endlessly speculated as to what these patterns were and who it was that made them. Lately though, coverage has died down. This week, Frank and Mike take a close look at crop circles and dig into some of the lesser known details.

Interestingly, crop circle sightings haven’t decreased. Multiple formations are still discovered every month. The news media has, however, stopped covering them. The reason, probably, is that several prominent crop circle hoaxers have come out in recent years, describing how these circles are created. We cover some of these stories and describe how fake circles are made. And because one circle is fake, they all must be, right?

Wrong. Scientific analysis has been conducted on samples taken from these circles. You wouldn’t know it, though – no news stories we could find focused on these details. Studies include analysis of plant samples taken from circles, showing bizarre features such as elongated nodes and burned plant material. As well, plant samples taken from inside and outside these circles appear to grow differently. Soil samples from inside circles show strange mineral crystallization patterns, different from the soil outside of the circles. As well, there seems to be an increased amount of magnetic minerals found in soil samples taken from inside crop circles.

Finally, we discuss one of the most bizarre crop circles cases that we have ever run across. An apparent message from aliens, a response to the 1974 Arecibo message that we humans sent out to the stars. A series of crop circles appeared in 2000-2002 that appeared to detail an alien transmitter, a description of alien genetics, alien population numbers and their solar system’s habitable planets, and a warning, not to trust the deceivers. All of this information was conveyed through incredibly precise crop circle patterns.

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