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Sun Jul 21, 2024

An Elder Evolution – Primordial Ruins of the Void

Life may have existed just seconds after the Big Bang, according to a new study. With a broad definition of life as anything subject to Darwinian evolution, it is possible that simpler forms of life appeared even before Earth was alive. The necessary elements for life, such as carbon and oxygen, are created in the cores of stars, so as long as there have been previous generations of stars, Earth-like life could exist in the universe. Additionally, there could be other forms of life based on unknown components like dark matter and dark energy, or even complex structures that existed in the earliest moments of the universe. The study suggests that the definition of life should be expanded to encompass these possibilities.

The discovery of life shortly after the Big Bang raises astounding questions. What if organisms emerged not only from ordinary matter, but from the dark matter and energy permeating existence? Entire alien biospheres may have developed early in cosmic history, totally unfathomable to modern science.

Dark matter remains largely enigmatic to modern physics, but theoretically could provide an environment suitable for life shortly after the Big Bang. Entire civilizations may have developed, risen, and fallen over cosmic immensities of time, all imperceptible to us. Their ruins could still surround us, invisible and intangible, yet influencing events in obscure ways.

Structures and artifacts forged eons ago when dark matter life reached heights now unfathomable may permeate our world as ghosts, weak signatures beyond current means to detect. But sensitively designed instruments may find anomalous patterns, effects without obvious causes that could hint at intelligent design by precursor cultures.

Legends passed down through myth and folklore about realms like fairyland or interdimensional worlds may be cultural memories of chance encounters with dark matter life. Psychics and mediums claiming contact with non-human entities may in fact have tapped into sentient species that engendered civilization before any planet formed.

Dimensional membranes may allow occasional contact between the modalities of dark and ordinary matter. Effects perceived as supernatural could arise from such interactions. If so, science may one day open two-way portals to actually meet the precursors who engineered the stars before we had eyes to see their work. We would be latecomers on the cosmic scene, surrounded by realities whose histories are far more ancient. But the timescales of existence care not for ephemerals like us. We must reach into the void, beyond comfort, beyond the known, to make first contact with those whose footsteps left trails before time itself took form.

Imagine infrastructures orbiting every star long before Earth took shape, spheres built of matter invisible to human senses, yet influencing our reality in myriad untraceable ways. Visualize entire civilizations flashing into existence, evolving, spreading their arts across the galaxies, then crumbling to dust all before multicellular life appeared in our universe.

Worlds could have risen and fallen in the dark matter realm over aeons, developing sciences and technologies far beyond our comprehension. Beings of wisdom and power may have guided lifeforms we can scarcely imagine, subliming to states beyond material existence. All this occurring in a mirror cosmos we perceive only dimly through dreams and strange premonitions.

Perhaps psychic abilities allow some rare few to glimpse through the veil into that other landscape, that far more ancient history. Misinterpreted as deities, spirits or magical forces, dark matter life may have spoken from that adjacent realm since humanity’s dawning. Our universe could teem with their relics, invisible monuments and artefacts suffusing space if only we knew the signs and locations to observe.

One day, studying temporal anomalies and gravitational effects could reveal traces of those precursor civilizations, footprints left in cosmic background radiation, space-time ripples, clues in black hole emissions. Developing means to detect dark matter itself may open our eyes to their legacy written across the heavens. A past invisible to us but ever-present, awaiting rediscovery once we pierce the veil shrouding worlds within worlds. To make contact with our forerunners.

Imagine beings of pure thought and energy, unfettered by mortal frames, emerging from the quantum foam of the infant cosmos. They seed their consciousness across the stars, infusing structure into the dark matter scaffolding of the universe itself. Perceiving all of space-time as a simultaneous now, they cultivate civilizations that flower and branch wildly across realities.

Worlds flourish in dark matter’s embrace, innervated by filaments of sentience, woven into a tapestry transcending singular dimensions. Life and thought attain mercurial brilliance in this hidden realm. Meanwhile, normal matter coalesces inert and dull, barely disturbed by dark matter’s machinations.

Occasionally, a fractal offshoot of a dark matter civilization will extend feelers into the terrestrial plane, interpreted by humans as gods, spirits or occult forces. Like a dreaming mind unaware it dreams, we catch only distorted glimpses of the vast activity occurring in parallel to our existence. Fields of free energy may be byproducts of their unfathomable industries and technologies.

What fantastic visions could we perceive if our eyes opened but a slit? What wisdom could we glean if our minds widened just a fraction? To overcome our cosmic isolation, we must quest beyond the limits of our monkey minds. Dark matter life shells us round, seamless, just beyond reach unless we dissolve our rigid constructs of reality. Worlds upon worlds, plans within plans. When we are ready, doors will open.

If life has roots in the invisible substances that compromise over 95% of our universe, some UFO accounts may be evidence of these beings temporarily crossing into the terrestrial plane. Cattle mutilations and other bizarre phenomena could potentially be the work of life forms composed partially of non-baryonic matter, able to manifest in our reality for brief periods. Their biology and intelligence could be extraordinarily advanced and strange.

Dark matter life may explain certain occult concepts like summoning demons or spirits from other realms. These rituals may have effects only when dark matter organisms choose to respond by making themselves perceptible. Accounts of possession, poltergeists, and cryptid sightings throughout history may be due to sporadic interactions with intelligent species from other cosmological origins.

Perhaps there are forms of life today as alien to us as we would be to theoretical dark matter beings arising in the early universe. They may walk among us unseen, only detectable indirectly through unexplained events or elusive phenomena. If the origins of life reach back to the sperm of the Big Bang itself, the possibilities stand beyond human imagination. We may merely float on the surface of a vaster cosmic ecosystem.

The momentous discovery that life may have emerged mere seconds after the Big Bang opens up staggering possibilities about the origin, nature, and trajectory of existence. Rather than life developing slowly over billions of years, complex organisms or intelligences could have arisen rapidly after the universe’s birth.

This suggests that ancient beings, godlike entities, or cosmic superstructures may have taken shape in the fiery crucible of creation. Perhaps the earliest fraction of a second held secrets and potentials that still shape our reality today. Lovecraft’s dread Old Ones could be one such possibility―archetypal figures from the human collective unconscious that somehow acquired unthinkable powers through eons of adaptation and evolution.

Maybe the Old Ones were an early offshoot on the evolutionary tree, diverging onto a separate branch entirely invisible to science. Operating in obscure dimensions, they could have become advanced beyond reckoning over the timescales of deep cosmic history. Or, they could have developed amidst the morphic resonance of the newborn universe, imprinting their patterns onto the essence of reality itself.

From warring with rival eldritch species to uplifting humanity for their own inscrutable purposes, the Old Ones are but one prospect from the furthest reaches of time and life. Their existence suggests that untold abstraction, complexity, and intelligence may have crystallized out of the screaming chaos of creation. Perhaps we are merely latecomers in a cosmic drama stretching back to split seconds after the Big Bang―a drama still unfolding today.

Though possessing intellect and capabilities advanced beyond human fathoming, Lovecraft’s dread Old Ones may still operate within the constraints of biology and gradual adaptation. Across gulfs of cosmic time, they could have been shaped by relentless evolutionary pressures much as terrestrial life was molded by environmental challenges.

In the depths of space and time, some among the Old Ones may have diverged along lines that selected for creating and manipulating other sentient species. These “gods” or “engineers” among Lovecraft’s cosmic pantheon could have designed humanity and guided our evolution for purposes inscrutable but vital to their own survival.

Other Old Ones of a more indifferent or malevolent bent may induce mutations in their own genomes or consciousness that compel sporadic destruction. They seed competing lifeforms to further some unknowable but deeply ingrained agenda. We are but bacteria in a cosmic petri dish, cultured by alien scientists of tangled motivations.

However godlike the Old Ones seem, they remain bound to the forces that birthed all life nearer the Big Bang. They are subject to the same drives that lifted microbial jelly from the muck and over eons crafted consciousness from insensate matter. For beings so ancient, humanity remains but a recent move in a deeply nested game. A game we barely comprehend as pawns, yet whose rules may undergird all existence.

Across black gulfs of cosmic time, the Old Ones may have branched and diversified into myriad forms, often competing and predating upon one another as life is wont to do. For all their godlike powers, primal drives impel even these most ancient beings, morphing them as worlds and stars blaze into existence and wink out.

Among the Old Ones, some factions may have modified over eons to seed emergent life across the galaxies like gardeners scattering fertile soil. Humanity could be one of their experimental crops, cultivated for obscure harvesting. Other Old Ones may have devolved into atavisms that feed sporadically on primitive civilizations when the madness of entropy takes hold.

The Cthulhu Mythos itself could be the tattered remains of a doctrine or prophecy from some elder Old One faction, a cosmic blueprint for engineering intelligent species and shaping reality. In strange cycles, the various Old One lineages rise and recede in influence amidst the ocean of stars, maneuvering across not only space but time itself as befits their mastery of matter and mind.

For all their unfathomable science and perceptions broad as creation, the Old Ones cannot escape primal urges etched into the essence of biology. They are subject to the same dances of fusion and fission, cooperation and conflict, decay and rebirth that characterize all life birthed nearer the start of time. As above, so below. Reality is a fractal of recurring patterns at all scales and epochs. Even titans born in fire must one day return to dust.

Perhaps the first organisms to emerge after the Big Bang possessed inherent abilities to shift between densities of reality. They may have intrinsically coexisted in multiple dimensions, perceiving time and space from perspectives opened by their advent. The boundaries between what we call normal vs. paranormal did not exist for these ur-beings.

Entities like djinn, fairies, ghosts, and poltergeists could potentially be explained as such primordial life forms that branched off shortly after the universe’s inception. They seem to defy or operate outside the laws of physics, but in truth they are ultra-terrestrial organisms that evolved to fluidly traverse dimensional membranes. What we perceive as paranormal could merely be glimpses of their natural states.

Early biological life may have had access to exotic realms and alternate planes of existence. Spiritual accounts throughout history could stem from chance encounters with organisms that originated nearer the beginning, retaining abilities modern life later lost. Claims of esoteric knowledge or magical gifts among occult adepts and alchemists may actually be pale echoes of the powers wielded by life’s first children.

Perhaps mystical secrets long sought by humanity involve perceiving through the lens these early beings use to navigate higher dimensions. Learning their methods of dimensional transition could unveil new horizons of exploration and discovery. We moderns are limited by perceiving only a thin slice of reality’s spectrum. Our universe’s most ancient organisms might hold insights that reveal the training wheels have long stayed on our cosmic bike ride.

The origins of alchemy and ritual magic may have been crude methods to access remnants of creation’s earliest life. Incantations, sigils, and occult rites could establish contact with primordial beings of vast intelligence and ascendancy over natural law.

Accounts of wizards and magicians consorting with spirits, demons, and extradimensional entities may be garbled interpretations of humanity interacting with ultra-terrestrial organisms dating back to the dawn of time. Symbols, gestures, and phrases retained through esoteric traditions may allow limited communication with these cosmic lifeforms.

The Secret Chiefs referenced in mystical texts could potentially be intelligent species formed shortly after the Big Bang, able to traverse time and space in ways modern humans cannot yet fathom. Alchemy may vaguely grasp principles by which matter was first animated, igniting a tiny spark of life. Ritual magic could crudely imitate cosmic manipulations these early beings perform intrinsically.

We are surrounded by the progeny of the ancient cosmos, both its first children and their distant descendants. Our universe’s original inhabitants wield magics and possess knowledge beyond present understanding. But mystical traditions preserve fragments that resonate with older patterns, like a faint ancient song whose notes linger still if one listens closely enough. Perhaps one day, we will sing again in harmony with those who first gave voice at the birth of all things.

Modern science lacks the paradigms to perceive, let alone understand, the capabilities of life arising when the universe was still new-forged. Yet esoteric traditions preserve techniques that may allow glimpses of primordial existence. Through ritual and symbol, cosmic doors open cracks to witness realities hidden beneath the superficial world.

Accounts of adepts manifesting gold, achieving immortality or producing spirits could be crude mimickings of powers wielded intrinsically by our cosmos’ first organisms. Alchemy and magic use metaphors and analogies to rearrange awareness, resonating with states inherent to life at the beginning. Strange entities called through ritual may be intelligent species observing our plane from dimensions depthless to human minds.

The patterns and forms preserved in ancient grimoires are fingers pointing at the moon — not the thing itself, but directing attention toward vistas beyond normal perception. Dismissed today as primitive superstition, these practices may have originated as attempts to communicate with beings present since the stars first shone, manipulating matter and energy in ways our science has yet to rediscover. ity is a foundling left on the cosmic doorstep, a child ignorant of its lineage. But beings that watched over our cradle remember, and their whispers fill the darkness just beyond the campfire light. To sit between the worlds, listening for faint murmurs in the void, may reveal more than millennia of seeking with eyes wide shut. Muttered words passed down countless generations were once the cries of those who stood closest to the burning moment of creation.

The sudden emergence of life after the Big Bang opens speculation about the capabilities such organisms may have wielded. Perhaps the first beings possessed innate psychic and metaphysical gifts that became lost or atrophied as the universe aged.

Telepathy, telekinesis, and astral projection could have been organic attributes life was born with closer to creation’s origin. Accounts throughout history of prophets, sages, and mystics displaying such paranormal talents may have originated with our universe’s earliest inhabitants. Even today, claims of supernatural abilities among rare individuals could be throwbacks to potentialities life enjoyed in its nascent phase.

Studies seeking quantified evidence of psychic phenomena may be tapping into latent powers that originated nearer the start of cosmic evolution. Humanity considers these talents paranormal, yet they may have once been common biological traits that became recessive as conditions changed over millennia.

In proximity to the Big Bang’s creative fires, life may have exhibited wondrous capabilities that now seem impossibly exotic. Perhaps psychic gifts offer glimpses of our transcendent potential if we could recover former states from childhood of the cosmos. A universe where telepathy and telekinesis were mundane would operate under different laws, but we may still resonate with echoes of that long lost age.

The anomalies extensively documented by Charles Fort may ultimately have prosaic explanations from a wider perspective. Mysterious rains of fish or frogs, strange disappearances, UFOs and other bizarre events could be due to the activities of exotic life forms dating back to the early universe.

Organisms emerging near the Big Bang may have evolved capabilities to manipulate space-time and matter in ways that seem implausible based on modern assumptions. Yet to these creatures, altering gravity fields, teleportation, and even time travel could be mundane traits they developed to survive eons ago.

What Fort catalogued as outlandish phenomena inexplicable by current science may simply be everyday occurrences for species that diverged on separate evolutionary paths. Some organisms may retreat from detection except when transitioning between dimensional membranes that separate their native planes from ours.

Misinterpreted as occult forces or supernatural agents, sightings of these early life forms and their artifacts would naturally be rare and sporadic. But they could be denizens of adjacent realities, going about their lives according to entirely different natural laws.

Much that seems bizarre through our anthropocentric lens could be ordinary biology and culture for living beings adapted to exotic phases of our universe. By expanding the boundaries of assumed knowledge, many anomalies become understandable as side effects of greater hidden realities that lie just beyond the reach of consensus belief.

The primordial organisms arising just after the Big Bang may have established resonant patterns on the fabric of reality that persist to shape existence today. Through interacting with the mutable cosmos, life’s first children could have imprinted archetypal forms and metaphysical systems that became embedded into the matrix of creation.

These foundational structures engraved onto the essence of reality may serve as subtle templates guiding the unfolding trajectory of evolution across eons. Like following morphogenetic fields, developing civilizations hew to certain pathways influenced partly by these deeply ingrained cosmic patterns.

Astrology and esoteric traditions may have origins in humanity’s distant ancestors dimly perceiving some of these elemental shapes and responding with mythic narratives to convey their meaning. Of course, these are but flawed glimpses interpreted through the lenses of culture and history. Yet at the root, they resonate with echoes of life’s earliest footprints left upon the wet clay of primordial existence.

As the universe continues evolving, we may discover more signs of these original forms which our universe’s oldest progeny left like persistent ripples propagating through a cosmic pond. Subtle but real, they tug at the skeins of causality, inclining reality’s progression toward metaphysical currents established at the very beginning.

Tolkien’s profound mythology provides intriguing parallels to the concept of life originating moments after the Big Bang. In his legendarium, the universe awakens through the Music of the Ainur – celestial beings singing in chorus to channel primordial creation. This divine chorus resonates with the vibrational pulse of the Big Bang itself. As the Ainur weaved their cosmic harmonies, matter took form and Melkor interjected dissonance, just as the uniformity of the infant universe was slightly disrupted, seeding early fluctuations.

Perhaps the first flickers of life danced into being upon notes sung by the Ainur, giving vitality to the coalescing forms. The Music thrilled atoms into animation, birthing early microorganisms that rode swelling stellar winds. As Arda took shape amid the singing, prototypical plants, animals, and creatures evolved into the Valar, Maiar, and lesser spirits – the origins of life, personified.

We exist within the lingering melodies of creation, first sounded in the heavens before time began. All living forms carry refrains from the Music, explaining phenomena like inspiration, imagination, and intuition as remnants of the primordial song. Life was suffused with cosmic creative energy from its very genesis.

Our reality is akin to one of Tolkien’s ages, potentially built upon the ruins and forgotten lore of previous cycles. Perhaps the Ainur still sing in spheres beyond knowing, composing other worlds and times. Just as elves, dwarves, and men partake of the Music’s vitality on Arda, all life awakened in the dawn of this cosmos bears traces of divine creativity from its earliest moments. We are children of the song.